The Ginn Mill

The original drinking spot.


My name is Jonathan Weaver and I am an owner of The Ginn Mill, a tavern located on 20 th and Larimer St. in Downtown Denver. In April of 2011, we put together a program called 'Make A Difference Mondays'; and I am writing to see if your nonprofit organization has interest in being a part of this program?

100% of the profits from an entire Monday evening (3 PM - 2 AM) are donated to the non-profit organization that we are working with that week. The reason that we put together this program is to give back to our community and the weekly rotating charity schedule allows us to work with many different non-profit organizations that serve Denver and beyond.

The success of the evening and amount of funds raised relies primarily on one main element; the non-profit making significant and effective efforts to promote the event within their organization and to all of it’s supporters. We have had great success with some nonprofits, raising as much as $5,000 in one evening. Successful events are typically very well marketed by the non-profit and the supporter turn-out is significant. Other events have not been so successful and have only raised $200-$300. This has happened because the organizations did minimal marketing and very few supporters participated in their Monday evening event. These antidotes are indications that the funds raised are directly commensurate with the marketing efforts and support invested in the event.

2041 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205   |   303.295.0706

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